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Khadijat Plaza, No. 36 Morocco road, Suleja Niger State, Nigeria
Khadijat Plaza, No. 36 Morocco road, Suleja Niger State, Nigeria

Become The Best You Can Be

digital marketing and capacity development solutions that exceed your expectations

we are very pleased that you are here on our website, a platform we created with you in our mind to enable you access our wide range of world class services any time and from anywhere in the world. new height global resources is the fastest growing capacity development and digital service company in Nigeria  that is on a mission to democratize the capacity development and digital marketing services and make the more affordable and highly accessible to all , since they have become the corner stone for the efficient actualization of both personal and professional goals in this highly globalized economy we find ourselves today. the significance of the two sectors are such that it's hard to imagine anyone achieving success in whatever field of endeavor without constantly improving their personal and professional capacity as well as heavily relying on digital marketing services, which is the more reason why we are so excited that you have visited our website, an indication that you are truly serious about becoming successful in life. 

we encourage you to regularly visit our website as this will allow you to access all the awesome content we publish regularly that are designed to help you reach your full potential and achieve those lofty dreams that will make your life fulfilled. don't forget that investment made in yourself is the greatest kind of investment you can ever make always be willing to put whatever knowledge you acquire into use. once again we say welcome and thank you for stopping by.

We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

You can always count on us to work with you in making that your audacious dream come true.

whether you want write a book, produce a musical audio or video disk, start your own business or to simply promote your professional skills and talent to start earning income through them, new height global resources have a very dedicated team of young creative professionals with the expertise and the experience to help you achieve the breakthrough you have been hoping for using our unique competencies in the following ways:

we will help you crystallize your dream into a clear vision

we will structure your vision into SMART goals

we then help you breakdown the goals into easily achievable tasks

we equip you with the still and the knowledge required to  effectively carry out the tasks

we offer you top quality digital promotional services that will help you to reach a wider audience and finally

connect you to a group of masterminds that will guide and mentor you to continue to live your dream

so what are you waiting for, get in touch let’s launch your dream life today.

Our story

About Us

New height global resources is the fastest growing personal growth and business development enterprise with the key objective of helping ambitious individual become the best they can be by providing them with very affordable and easily accessible capacity development training and digital promotional services that equip them with the skills, knowledge, tools and the social network to help them transform their dreams into reality.

Founded in January of 2017, new height global resources has quickly grown into the most trusted name for those who are truly committed to taking a bold step towards the realization of their dreams, who require top quality exceptional services from a company already reputed to always exceed expectations.

We offer regular business and entrepreneurship training and workshops to enhance their capacity to start and grow their own business, while our success/productivity coaching offers them the guide to enhancing their personal and professional effectiveness 

our mission Statement
Why we Exist

to equip ambitious individuals with the skills, know-how, tools and the support that will enable them reach their full potential in life and achieve the success and happiness they desire by making personal growth and business development training and digital marketing services very affordable and easily accessible, so that they can discover and develop their innate potential into very valuable problem solving products which their target market can willingly pay for

Our Team

We have a team of dynamic young professionals who are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, comprising of Business development experts, Entrepreneurs, Website Designers, Digital Marketers and Success Coaches. Giving us the edge of possessing the most comprehensive blend of expertise and wealth of experience for the provision of exceptional personal growth and digital marketing services in Nigeria.

Our team is headed by the visionary leadership of Kelechi Eze, Success coach, Entrepreneur and web designer, a complete embodiment of a world class modern day business executive.

Why Choose us
The New Height Edge

Customer Centric Approach

Our unique approach puts our clients at the heart of the planning and execution of

highly dedicated and professional team

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Outstanding performance

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worldclass customer relationship

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Active Installs

Our services

Success Coaching

We offer individual and group success and productivity coaching sessions that helps you discover and master yourself, build a positive mindset and develop the right attitude towards life

Workshops & Seminars

We organize very educative seminars and workshops to provide business management and entrepreneurial training for current and aspiring business owners

Start-up Support

Starting a business can be complicated, but we provide you the support that makes it easy for you to transform your ideas into marketable products consumers are happy to pay for

Business Consultancy

In business, sometimes you don't get the result you desire. We can help you craft better strategies that delivers outstanding results that exceeds your expectations

Web Hosting & Design

We don't just create website for you, we craft websites that attract potential customers for you and convert them into paying customers with little or no more effort from you

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers you unlimited global reach at the most cost effective price, we have the expertise to creatively craft digital marketing strategies that helps you promote your goods or services to anywhere in the world

Our Subsidiaries

To ensure we achieve our mission of providing efficient solutions to the problems of personal growth, business development and entrepreneurship in Nigeria, we are creating subsidiaries that will focus on solving specific problems more effectively. Currently, our subsidiaries include the achieversmall; the No. 1 online marketplace in Nigeria for wholesale and retail trading created to help small retailers in Nigeria reduce the hassle and challenges they face in doing their business in Nigeria helping them to conveniently buy instantly from any supplier in Nigeria and have the peace of mind that they will get their goods in good time, while they also have the ease of selling to millions of online shoppers who visit the achievers mall monthly. We have also created the achievers network; Achievers Network is the foremost professional and business network in Africa, designed to provide ambitious minds with regular passive income stream and capacity development training that ensures they have all the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals in life and to connect them highly successful professionals and entrepreneurs who can guide, mentor and support them with proven ideas, insights and strategies that will help them overcome the challenges they will face in their quest for a successful and happy life.

Achievers Mall

The Achievers network

Contact Us

To know we can help you achieve your personal and professional goals or to make any other request or inquiry, just contact us and we will get in touch with you soon.

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Adam Sendler
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Mila Kunis
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Mike Sendler

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